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Bound Bodies
Bound Bodies
Waking Child
Waking Child
angie rasmussen


     I grew up in Utah with a small stint in Alabama. Artwork has always been big in my family, my father is a professional photographer and has had his photos grace the covers of magazines, both my aunt and uncle are painters and my grandmother is also a painter. I have fond memories of  her giving me vintage "how to" books on art and giving me tips when I was a child.
     Ever since I can remember my focus has always been on art in one form or the other.  From sketching on my own to going to college on an art scholarship, from finding stones and making them into jewelry to my most recent adventure into what I like to call abstract photography,
     "Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it." - Confucius
     With my love of nature and its processes I have began to pay attention to what may seem small or ordinary objects like dirt, rocks, bark, and things like old farm equipment left to rust in the elements. I photograph them and then the real fun begins... I get to manipulate, interpret, and finally leave a little bit of me in the finished art.


Logan Fine Arts, Logan, Utah 2015
Grounds for Coffee, Ogden, Utah, 2014


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Feminine Inferno Woodland Nymphs
Feminine Inferno Woodland Nymph