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Brenda Thomas

     Brenda Thomas studied art as a young woman and enjoyed success with her large representational and abstract paintings, as well as her drawings. Children, a career in clothing design, and a life of travel took her attention from painting for many years.
     In 1998 she moved to Park City, Utah and began painting again. The beauty of her natural surrounding became the inspiration for her floral studies and individual landscapes which display the glow of sunlight, the magic of moonlight and the mysteries of shadow. They speak to the power and purity of nature.
     Her paintings have been exhibited in many juried shows, 4 solo shows, as well as local galleries. Her work was featured in the American Art Collector magazine, March 2012 issue.

Artist's Statement:

     It is an expansion of perception, that happens while painting, that integrates me with the creative force of nature, with life everywhere, and that motivates my interpretation of nature's magnificence; from the tiniest flower to the grandest vista. To open my heart, my senses and soul, to savor, taste, feel and listen, and to be part of the creative flow that art has always been. To define the highest potential of nature and to express joy is my transcendent goal.
     Always the observer, sensing what lies beneath every surface. Looking outwards from behind my eyes, watching, wanting to know more and understand the complexities of life. This desire has been invaluable in understanding the subtleties of shape and color and the harmony and rhythm they display; by layering shapes and colors with many glazes, I strive to produce what appears to be a single shape or color that has the depth of life. Colors resonate with dimensions of life beyond what we see. The layering of color washes represents the complexity of those other dimensions.
    To capture an element of the beauty of nature is a drive almost as deep as the desire to be in nature itself… to share it feels like a circle complete.


Logan Fine Art Gallery
60 West 100 North
Logan, Utah 

Blue Boar Inn
1235 Warm Springs Road
Midway, Utah

Contact information
P.O. Box 682923
Park City, Utah 84068




Afternoon Shadows

Alpine Meadow

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Cranes at River Road