Tangerine Dream
Tangerine Dream

Black & Tan Mood
Black & Tan Mood


Uncertain Blue
Uncertain Blue

Just in Time


     Cary was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1944. He experienced some success in his early adult years. He had his own shows in Utah. His work was exhibited in Reno, Nevada, as well. His work was also purchased by the then Nevada Art Gallery and was chosen for exhibition in London.
      Although he kept painting, he put aside his artistic ambitions to raise his family working full time as a pipe-fitter and a mechanical design engineer. Now that he is retired he is turning to the full-time pursuit of his art.
     Cary views all of his paintings - whether real, surreal or abstract - as musical compositions: arrangements, harmonies, opuses, nocturnes and rhapsodies.
     He now lives in Salt Lake City with his wife and daughter. He also has two adult sons.

Artist’s Statement

     I am an abstract artist. My “Rhythm Paintings” are minimalist non objective tone poems. In the abstract images of my art, I attempt to converge visions of color and movement to create unexpected configurations of line and form, which will bring to the viewer a poetic interpretation informed by his or her own experience.
     In each of my works there is a complexity inherent in the manner in which everything comes together, creating what I hope is an extra-ordinary synchronicity that speaks of a depth of meaning and purpose.
     Jazz music has a profound influence on the way I approach my art. I paint to the sound of jazz music playing, depending ethos I am feeling. I try to wed that rhythm, melody, and lyricism to emotional movement within the form, color, and content of my work. What results, for me, is the imagery of pure emotive expression.
     In the end I strive to create an art that is meant for everyone, to which anyone can connect, through his or her own experience. For me, it is this poetic and representational aspect of painting that ultimately conveys the reality of the emotive force from which it springs.
     In this melody of abstract expressionism, the viewer may see and hear emotional content: restriction, freedom, pathos, joy, fury, forgiveness, betrayal, love. My vision is to create the peace that comes from finding that relationship with abstract painting, as it comes with poetry, that is borne of recognition, catharsis, and finally, solace.

4458 Edgeware Ln.
Salt Lake City, UT 84119-6017
(801) 969-4494 (home)  (503) 550-2540  (cell)


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