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    Claire Elaine Long has always enjoyed creating and sharing her art. Her art captures the beauty of everyday life and objects around her. Claire spends most of her creative energy working in oils producing figurative, cityscape and landscape themes.Her depiction of subject matter and her application of color and texture is created in a realistic style with smooth brushstrokes.
      Claire's touching subject matter unfolds the beauty of simple things. Whether Claire is painting an aged-pair of shoes, an old cobblestone road or someone playing a musical instrument, she invites the viewer into her world of realism using simple, pleasing and non-hidden themes. The viewer is put to ease because they can understand what is happening in her paintings.
     Claire says that the best compliment she has ever received about her art was from a man that noticed her painting. He said, "the beauty found in your paintings is more beautiful than photographs". That compliment has inspired Claire's work.
     Claire Elaine received her education at Brigham Young University and graduated in Art Education in 1996. After graduation, Claire quickly received a job in the public school system and has been enjoying teaching junior high and high school-aged kids.
      Claire thinks there is nothing better than helping teenagers and parents see the importance art has in the community and in the lives of those around them. Helping others discover the beauty art creates has been her reward and drive behind her teaching.
For years Claire has devoted her life to teaching and producing commissioned drawings and paintings and taking engagement, wedding and family photos. She has displayed several of her paintings in local galleries and restaurants, and has art displayed in homes and businesses around the country. Claire is really excited to share more of her paintings with her community and the world.
     "If I can touch one person with my art in a positive way, then I have developed into the artist I have always wanted to be."

1996-Brigham Young University, Photography
1997-Bountiful/Davis Art Center, Educator's Show
2002-current-Zenger's in Ogden
July 2003-Palette Club of Ogden @the Union Station-special award given
July 2003-ARTSTOP of Ogden
Sept 2003-ARTSTOP of Ogden, 1 of 3 featured artists
Sept 2003-Swanson Foundation @ the Swanson Gallery

Contact the artist:
P.O. Box 13734
Ogden, Ut 84412

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