Rocky Outcropping
Rocky Outcropping, Logan Canyon

Summer Green
 Summer Green

Winter Constrasts
Winter Contrasts

Early Winter Storm
Early Winter Storm

E.A. Verdine

     Ernie Verdine was born in a small town in central Missouri, in 1945. He had some success as a fledgling artist thru much of his early adult years, conducting workshops and teaching some classes in watercolor as he traveled and relocated to the many parts of the country that his military career took him to. He retired from the military service in 1992 and was able to devote full time to being an artist. He moved to Logan Utah from up state New York that same year and settled into a historic home on 2nd east in Logan.
     Once all the children had moved away from home, he and his wife were each able to maintain a working studio in the upstairs rooms of their two story old brick home, along with all the antique furniture they have gathered from many years of residing on the east coast and the midwest. His wife Sharon is an accomplished textile artist who develops and makes wonderful hooked rugs. Ernie is primarily a landscape artist of the northern Utah mountains and scenery around Cache Valley.
     Verdine's works are almost entirely in Watercolor, Gouache, and Acrylic. It is said that he uses a restrained palette, close value relationships and strong textural elements that gives his landscapes a feeling of quiet contemplation. But if you were to ask him, he’d tell you that he likes to paint just to paint and to impart to others what he feels in nature.

Logan Fine Art Gallery
60 West, 100 North
Logan, Utah

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Logan, Utah, 84321


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Autumn: Looking East from Logan
Autumn: Looking East from Logan

Marsh Lands
Marsh Lands