Julianne Calderon

    I love the challenge and creative process brought about by the use of mortar or glue and discarded pieces of stone, ceramic, glass, and other found objects. I feel the importance, environmentally, of recycling materials that I have discovered in my travels. Sometimes it takes 10 or 15 years to find a home for a found object collected and saved. Other times, I go in search for an object that will best fit the space.
In art, and in nature, I find the beauty is in the imperfection. For without the subtilties, there is no conversation in art.

     Born in Fort Hood, Texas. As a child Julianne Calderon , aka Jynja, became fascinated with the color and texture of rocks, splitting and cracking them open, in the back alley of her home to see what treasure lay inside. Her father was a metallurgical, and their summer vacations revolved around visiting old mines where she could sift through old mine tailings looking for specimens to add to her rock collection and ignite her imagination. This was the beginning of a life long journey into creativity. This excursion inspired and manifested in a variety of artistic ways including her 30 years involvement in the beauty industry as a hair colorist and makeup artist, as well as, poetry and painting.
Key with this background and inspired by the earth and her love of animals, wild and tame, she became an "Outsider Artist," sometimes referring to herself as “ a minute detailer of the universe,” because of the diversity of pallets that she employs.
Beginning with stone sculpting in 2004, and quickly moving into concrete and mosaic sculpture, she began creating memorials to her pets that had passed. Exploration beyond memorials ensued and she has created, several large scale animals for auctions, and a series of clown cats and dog that are whimsical and distinctly honors their spirit, and the animal's significance to their human counterparts.
Working with copper pipe, rebar, or conduit, lath, and finishing with a concrete and mosaic veneer she has also created, over the last several years, interior residential applications as well.

700 North Columbus St.
Salt Lake City, Utah 84103
Phone: 801-243-2673

2007 – Hallside Gallery, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT
2007 – Smiling Dog Deli, Belvue Idaho
2005 – Williams Fine Art, Salt Lake City, Utah
2004- Silver Queen Hotel, Park City, Utah