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Blooming Pear
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Johnson Canyon Wash

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     Even though one can identify her paintings from across the room, the defining characteristics of Kathryn Stats’ work are not easy to isolate. Her subject matter ranges from the roses that crowd her backyard to the snow in the nearby mountains. The southern Utah red rocks and northern Utah farmland are often subjects for her intricate compositions, which often defy the rules, but magically, always work. However, it’s most often her treatment of light that draws you to her work. The red rocks of southern Utah glow in the sunlight and turn mysteriously somber in the shadows. Sage and alfalfa fields are rich enough to seem almost fragrant, as are her brilliant flower studies. Her skies are filled with the promise of the reflected light below, which is always precisely located to make the composition work. “I love the fall,” she says. “The low angle of the sun lights the bottoms of the changing leaves with colors that really set me free.”
      It is that freedom that makes her work so enjoyable. Her love of color, her unerring sense of proper light and her skillful brushwork make her strong, deliberate paintings feel effortless.
      "I think a good painting is like a good musical composition." Kathryn states, "It has harmony and rhythm, contrast and theme, sometimes even soloists. Those elements rarely just occur in a natural landscape. I find that I emphasize with detail and color, omit some things, mute others, even rearrange elements to create a composition that conveys my visual experience, my joy, to the viewer. It is this challenge that keeps me painting."
      "The reason you keep doing it ---painting every day --- has to do with the viewer. You want the viewer to experience the same joy you feel---and nature sometimes makes it hard. So it’s a process of adjusting, of emphasizing, softening, even omitting, to make what you paint convey the right message to the viewer. Sometimes it’s a long process---other times the problems are easy to solve---but always---it’s a joy.


  • Maynard Dixon Country Invitational, Mt. Carmel, UT
  • Spring Festival - All Gallery Exhibit featuring Kathryn Stats, Greenhouse Gallery, San Antonio, Texas 2011
  • Wide Skies - Recent Art of the Americn West - Beijing China 2007
  • International Masters of Fine Art - Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art
    San Antonio, Texas 2006
  • Solo Exhibition Greenhouse Gallery, San Antonio, Texas 2005
  • American Academy of Women Artists- 2004
  • Rising Stars Juried Invitational, Wickenburg, Arizona 2002
  • Deseret News Art Show 1983-2000
  • Utah Days of 47 Invitational, Salt Lake City, UT/Featured Artist 2002 1999-2002
  • Zions Bank, Salt Lake City, Utah 1998-2001
  • Long Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona 1998-2002
  • American Academy of Women Artists – Merrill Johnson Gallery, Denver, CO 2001
  • Invitation to Le Conte Stewart Festival, Bountiful, UT
    Springville Annual April Salon, Springville 1983-2002
  • Plein Air Painters of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT
  • Springville Women’s Show Invitational
  • First Central Utah Regional Art Show
  • (Invitational) Utah State University
  • Dixie State College Invitational
  • Denver 8 State Wide “Art Zone”


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