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     Linda Curley, a native Idahoan, was transplanted to Utah at the tender age of ten. She is the mother of seven, while also being a very prolific artist. Her hard work has earned her numerous awards, including the Gertrude Folgerson National Art Award. The most notable award of late is the highly sought after signature status of "OPA" Oil painters of America.

     Linda has also taught and studied art extensively on a continuing basis. She loves rich color and dramatic lighting. Her paintings touch the heart and stir the soul. " It is the emotion and song of art that means the most to me." Her growth as an artist parallels a quotation by John Hafen found in her studio:

"In paintings you may see hereafter, cease to look for mechanical effects of minute finish; for individual leaves, blades of grass, or aped imitation of things but look for smell, for soul, for feeling, for the beauty in line and color."

     Linda feels her life has been a journey out of the shadows moving steadily toward the light, and this progression is evident in her art. Through the use of beautiful color, masterful technique, and a deep love of her subject she draws the observer into her quest for beauty, harmony, and ultimately ……light.

Linda's work can be found in these fine galleries:

NanEtte Richardson Fine Art
The Sable
555 East Basse Road Suite 105
contact: John Gasbett
San Antonio, TX 78205
Salt Lake City, UT
Southam Gallery
Gallery at Shalisham
50 E. Broadway
Glendenon Beach, OR
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Phone: 801 322-0376

New Vision Art
Quail Gallery
contact: Cory Willis
contact: Steve Alford
Bountiful, UT

Prickly Rock Studio
P.O. Box 126
Wallsburg, Utah 84082
(435) 654-7125

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