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CU Knight
CU Night
Fireman Memorial -Moraine, Ohio 1
Fireman Memorial
Moraine, Ohio 1
Little League Hitter Cater Empire
Soldier Statue
Veterans and War Dog Memorial -Houma, Louisiana
Veterans and War Dog Memorial
Houma, Louisiana
Matt Glenn Sculptor

     Matt Glenn has been creating bronze monuments for over 15 years. He has always loved art and sketching, but did not discover his love and talent to create with clay until one night when he brought home a small box of clay and had an idea that he wanted to bring to life. He worked throughout the night and by morning had created the exact picture that was in his mind. From that moment on, he was hooked!
     Since that day, Matt has studied tirelessly and learned the refined art of sculpting in clay.Matt has designed statues for universities, libraries, and memorial parks across the country, including ten different statues for the 75th anniversary of little league baseball, a heroic-size Spartan for the 10th division of the U.S. Army, and a life-size farmer for the Virginia Farm Bureau Insurance headquarters.
     Matt finds great satisfaction in creating one-of-a-kind pieces of art that can be appreciated for generations to come. In his own community Matt strives to put personal integrity and ethics above all else, and is always looking for an opportunity to help those around him.
     Sculpting is his passion, and he loves what he does. He loves going to work every morning, and never wants to retire. Matt is a storyteller. He loves to take a few simple sketches, or photographs, and combine tem with the stories people have, to bring things to life in bronze. He also loves a challenge; if you can dream it, he can create it.
     Matt lives and works in Utah, surrounded by the Rocky Mountain range that he loves. Although Utah and the mountains have been his home for 30 years, Matt grew up in Orange County, and never misses an opportunity to sneak back to the beach for a day in the sun and a good fish taco.

Current Projects:

Fred Duesenberg, Auburn, Indiana- Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum- Projected completion: May 2015.

Manuel Famous Clothing Designer, Nashville, Tennessee –Country Music Hall of Fame- Projected completion: June, 2015.

6 Foot Fighting Scott, Monmouth, Illinois - Projected completion: July, 2015.

Sky Diver Nation Recognition Award, UGN Auto - Projected completion: April, 2015.

Past Projects:

10 Little League statues for 75th Anniversary, Williamsport, Pennsylvania – Installed June 2014

Life size farmer in cornfield for Farm Bureau Insurance head quarters, Richmond, Virginia - Installed November, 2011.

Spartan Warrior 10th Mountain Division US Army, Fort Drum, New York - Installed April 2012

7 Foot Statue of Mahatma Gandhi, Davie, Florida – Installed June 2013

K9 Veteran War Memorial, Houma, Louisiana – Installed July 2013

Life size statue of Golden Knight, Clarkson University. Potsdam, New York. – Installed 2009.

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Virginia Farm Bureau Farmer -Richmond, Virginia
Virginia Farm Bureau Farmer - Richmond, Virginia