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I am primarily a figurative sculptor.  I love the shapes of all human forms and love the lines that develop in the skin over time.  A person's history is recorded on their body.  Their form tells the story.  I value the human narrative and find that the collective experience is recycled through each individual.  We share common events, milestones, emotional expressions, and are all subject to the process of aging.  Each individual designs their own vehicle (body) based on choices and life events.  I use archtypes and myth as vehicles in order to arrive at a specific destination.  I approach the selection of materials very carefully.  The material speak in concise terms, much like a poet's careful selection of words. Building forms in a 3-Dimentional environment, allows a viewer to literally exist with the piece, to commiserate within the art environment.


University of Utah; BFA
Sculpture Department: Emphasis in metals (welding steel, wrought iron, and casting bronze and aluminum), body casting techniques using various materials.

Scholarships and Awards:
Christensen Departmental Scholarship 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
University of Utah Emeritus Scholarship 2007-2008
U-Block Scholarship
Utrecht Award and Departmental Choice Award for sculptures in Art Department Student Show 2008


Art Shows: Alternative Student Show - Pickle Co. 2009
Don Brady Gallery - Solo Show 2008
U of U Student Shows 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
Boise State University Art Show 2007.

Nadia Baker
8792 Landover Cir
Sandy, Utah 84093801-671-3727


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