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David Eriscon Fine Art
418 So. 200 W.
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Terzian Galleries
P.O. Box 3359
309 Main Street
Park City, Utah 84060

P.O. Box 116 Tropic, Utah 84776


     My paintings are kind of self-portraits in still-life. I don’t look for things to paint, but rather paint what becomes—usually over time—compelling and necessary for me to paint. I paint pottery I own and have lived with, “treasures” my daughters bring to me, fruit from my backyard (and my childhood), flowers, assorted poultry and weeds that grow in my yard, and objects I have picked up while walking out in the hills. Though my paintings are often formal in composition, and imply geometry, I don’t calculate my compositions, but paint intuitively. The elements in each painting are symbolic for me—basically, I paint my life. Or, in other words, the elements of my life reappear as elements in my paintings—and those elements, which often happen to have universal symbolic meaning—always have personal symbolic meaning.

Selected Invitational Exhibitions
2004 Terra Nova Gallery
        Remembrances: Recent Works by Rebecca Wagstaff
        Provo, Utah
2004 St. George Art Museum
        Familial Painters: Three Artist Show
        St. George, Utah
2004 Springville MOA
        Two Points of View: Clay & Rebecca Wagstaff
        Springville, Utah
2003 Springville Museum of Art
        E-Spousing Art: Utah Artist Couples
        Springville, UT
2001 Red Butte Garden & Arboretum
        Home Sweet Habitat
        Salt Lake City, Utah
2000 Robert and Peggy Sears Invitational, Dixie Invitational 2000,
        St. George, Utah
1995 Dolores Chase Fine Art
        Dreamscapes: Group Show
        Salt Lake City, Utah
1993 Salt Lake Art Center
        Intimate Views
        Salt Lake City, Utah
1992 Finch Lane Gallery
        Art Feast
        Salt Lake City, Utah
1992 LeftBank Art Gallery
        Art Feeds the Soul
        Salt Lake City, Utah.
1988 Wilkinson Center Gallery
        Quotidian Reflections: 4 Artist Show
        BYU, Provo, Utah

Selected Juried Exhibitions and Awards
2005 UVSC Woodbury Art Museum
        Lucille T. Stoddard Women's exhibit
        Orem, Utah
        Best of Show
2004 AAUW: Utah Women Artists Exhibition
        Bountiful/Davis Art Center
        Bountiful, Utah
        Helen W. Allen Award
2004 Springville Museum of Art
        80th Utah Spring Salon
        Springville, Utah
        Merit Award
2004 Cedar City Art Committee
        61st Annual National Art Exhibition
        Cedar City, Utah
        Honorable Mention
2003 St. George Art Museum
        The Regional—7th Annual Juried Exhibition
        St. George, Utah
        Juror’s Second Place Award
2003 Provo City Library
        Litartcy--1st Nat’l Juried Art Exhibition
        Anderson Gallery, Provo, Utah
        First Place Purchase Award
2003 A. R. Mitchell Museum
        Trinidad National Fine Art Exhibition
        Trinidad, Colorado
Merit Award
2003 Springville Museum of Art
        79th Utah Spring Salon
        Springville, Utah
        Merit Award
2003 Museum of Church History and Art
        Sixth International Art Competition
        Salt Lake City, Utah
        Merit Award
2002 Springville Museum of Art
        78th Utah Spring Salon
        Springville, Utah
        Jurors Second Place Award
1993 Alvin Gittens Gallery
        Year of the American Craft: Utah Crafts 1993
        University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah
        Travel Award
1993 Utah Museum of Fine Arts
        Utah ’93: Crafts
        SLC, Utah
        Purchase Award

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2005, 1993 State of Utah Fine Art Collection
2004 Springville Museum of Art, Springville, Utah
2003 Salt Lake County Art Collection, Salt Lake City, Utah