October Harvest
October Harvest
Red Was Her Favorite Color
Red Was Her Favorite Color
Makes Me Cry

Makes Me Cry

Cliffs in Keniworth
Cliffs in Kenilworth
Malin's Farm
Malin's Farm
Spring Virga
Spring Virga


Susan N Jarvis

     I love to explore and paint the mountains, canyons and deserts of Utah, the state in which I was born and raised. Much of my inspiration as an artist comes from my experiences while sketching and plein air painting local landscapes. My work reflects a contemporary, realistic style.

     I prefer painting directly from life because I can observe and appreciate the subtle colors and values of the real world that a camera cannot capture. It’s thrilling to smell the warm grass and hear the sounds of nature when I’m in the field. Those non-visual elements of the scene have to somehow find their way into the painting visually if it’s going to move the viewer. It’s also a mental challenge to adapt to the naturally changing light as I paint.

     Setting up a still life in my studio is a favorite challenge of mine. Sometimes I want to complete the work á la prima by capturing the essence of my subject all in one session. This encourages me to simplify my presentation and learn to paint quickly and intuitively.

     Other times, I want to focus on the details, and I strive to include every tiny feature of my subject into the painting. This requires many sessions and a detailed examination of my subject. To me, this can be as rewarding as a good game of chess!
     I maintain a private studio in Salt Lake City where I paint and teach adult art classes. I also teach weekend art workshops.

Huntsman Cancer Institute, Salt Lake City, UT
Neil and Pat Nelson, Pleasanton, CA
John and Karen Huntsman, Salt Lake City, UT

2000-2014  Ongoing Studio Classes and Workshops for Adults & children
2014           Art Access, Visual Arts Workshop for Adults
2013           Art Access, six-week workshop for teens
2004-2008  McGillis School, 1st, 2nd Grade, and Elective Art Classes
2001-2003  Petersen Art Center, Children and Adult Classes
1999-2001  Dilworth Elementary School, “Art and Me”
1990-1995  Carl Hankey Elementary School, “Meet The Masters”

2012-2014  Oil Painters of America
2005-2012  Utah Watercolor Society (UWS)
2004-2013  Intermountain Society of Artists (ISA), Past President
2001-2014  UtahArtists.com


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